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The Team

Hex Studios is a boutique film studio and distributor with a driving passion to produce original genre works in collaboration with creatives from around the world. Our studio invites a diverse array of artists who get involved with our film productions, including writers, performers, technical wizards, and businesspeople. Here are just some of the artists and film professionals who have worked with Hex Studios

Lawrie Colour 1 Web.jpg
Lawrie Brewster
Sarah Colour 2 Web.jpg
Sarah Daly

Writer & Producer

Michael Colour 2 Web.jpg
Michael Brewster

CEO of Cine Artist Ltd

VFX Guru  

Tom Colour 2 Web.jpg
Tom Staunton


Meg Colour 4c Web.jpg
Megan Tremethick


Neil Colour 1 Web.jpg
Neil Cooper

Volunteer Handyman

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